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Lemonade Colon Cleansing Review


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Lemonade Cleansing & Body Detoxification

Lemonade Cleanse Sections:


There are 3 steps for the Lemonade Cleanse process, Ease-In (optional), Lemonade Cleansing, and Ease-Out. Lemonade cleansing is the step that involves drinking only the Lemonade Mixture which is the bulk of the diet. The steps Ease-in and the Ease-out are meant to prep your body for diet and digestion changes and it take place before and after the lemonade cleansing. The steps are gentle and as straightforward as possible for your body.

Step 1: Ease-In (optional)
Step 2: Lemonade Cleansing
Step 3: Ease-Out

During your cleansing process, I encourage all of you to do some External Cleansing as well. While dieting, yoga, exfoliation, and pampering are positive activities to make you feel excellent.

In the Post-Cleanse section, I have given some important tips and hints about how to keep the weight off. If you want to remain detoxified and slim, continuing a healthy lifestyle after your cleanse is very important. Repeating cleansing once or twice a year is also recommended. To understand more about what you will experience during your cleansing process, visit the Stages of Detox section below.

The All Natural Recipe

The all-natural liquid recipe for the Lemonade Cleanse is really quite simple. You can find the 4 ingredients for this recipe in any grocery or health food store. Mix these ingredients simply into tasty lemonade. Consume this mixture only for 10 days of Lemonade Cleansing.

The lemonade mixtures mixing and drinking have become a sort of ritualistic action for me. It helps me to meditate on my ability to improve myself naturally. As Stanley Burroughs intended it, I am excited to share it with all of you.

Lemonade Cleanse Recipe (1 serving)

Fresh Lemon Juice - 2 tablespoons (or half of a lemon)
Pure Maple Syrup - 2 tablespoons
Cayenne Pepper - 1/10 of a teaspoon
Purified Water - 1 – 2 cups

Take a fresh, ripe, lemon and start rolling it on a cutting board. The fibers and juice inside will loosen by this. Squeeze 2 tablespoons of the lemon (about half of the lemon) in your juicer or by hand into a large cup. Add 2 tablespoons of the pure maple syrup, 1/10 teaspoon of cayenne pepper, and 1-2 cups of purified water to it.

Mix the ingredients well with a spoon and drink immediately. It will lose the live enzymes and vitamins that are essential to this diet if the mixture is premixed. Throughout the day drink about 10 servings of this lemonade. Don’t forget to drink plenty of purified water throughout the day as well.

Some Additional Accessories will also be probably needed to prepare the mixture properly. Water purifiers, juicers, and laxatives for the daily detox are the included things.

Health Benefits

The health benefits are truly incredible for this all-natural detox. You have much more in store, if you think you are simply going to lose weight over the course of 10 days.

This liquid fasting program breaks up and eliminates year’s worth of built-up plaque, refuse, and parasites that accumulate on your intestinal walls, as a colon cleanse. Additional weight to your body is added by these toxic waste-like substances. This means with 5 to 10 pounds of heavy intestinal waste lurking in your gut, you could easily be walking around.

It is time to lighten up, allow your body to function as a healthy masterpiece once again by removing that toxic burden. It’s time to press the refresh button on your health.

The Lemonade Cleanse is designed for:

Whole body detoxification
Colon cleansing
Fat elimination
Skin clearing
Addictions breaking
Re-invigorating your positive mindset
Boosting your energy

To learn more about the health benefits of the Lemonade Cleanse, choose a link. Refer to My eBook for full information about what to expect when performing the Lemonade Cleanse. Get excited about the results for your future lemonade cleanse.

The 5 Stages of Detox

Detoxification, body cleansing, and mind clarification are the various stages which lemonade cleansing will take you through. Each exhibits its own Benefits and Side Effects in the 5 stages of detox. You will be able to make it to at least Stage 3, with focus and determination to finish.

General estimations regarding the cleansing time frame are given by the descriptions below. Most people will only perform the Lemonade Cleanse for 10 days (ending at Stage 3), although the stages extend into a 30-day cleanse.

Remember, the cleansing cycle will be slightly different for everyone. How did yours compare?

Stage 1 (Days 1-2)

Drinking the Lemonade Drink for the first few days can be the most difficult. A fasting state is switched by your body, and your blood sugar drops below 70 mg/dl. Your liver glycogen is naturally converted to glucose and released into your bloodstream, to bring it back up. Your blood pressure will drop and your heart rate will slow a bit.

An added energy will be given to you by the Maple Syrup consumed throughout the day. Your resting metabolism or basal metabolic rate (BMR) will naturally slow. The lemonade which contains the Cayenne Pepper will help speed it back up to burn extra fat.

The most uncomfortable first few days of cleansing causes some common side effects. You will experience hunger pains and may become irritable, as your body begins to transition to a fasting state. You might also experience bad breath, weakness, dizziness, a heavily coated tongue and nausea.

Remember, not to exercise vigorously until you break the fast and complete your cleansing. All of your body energy will be devoted to this detoxification process. Instead, to engage in External Pampering and gentle yoga, this is a good time.

Stage 2 (Days 3-7)

By Stage 2, thorough detoxification can begin, as your body has embraced the fast. Now your body can focus on cleansing and healing as your digestive system is able to rest. Your immune system and white blood cells kick into action. As you SWF, Your colon will cleanse.

During this stage of fasting autolysis will begin. Your body starts to feed on cells which are dead and dying in your system. By the natural, powerful forces of your body, the useless cells, mucus, and plaque will be rejected. Your organs, along with your lungs and lymphatic system, will begin repairing and rejecting this waste. You will find yourself coughing up yellow phlegm and blowing your nose. As the toxins are being rejected, you may feel some pain in your lungs.

Toxins will be released through your skin also. As you purge the rancid, oily toxins, your complexion may become oily and you may develop pimples or other mild skin irritations. Transformed fatty acids are being broken down, releasing glycerol, converting to glucose for energy.

Stage 3 (Days 8-15)

Most people end their Lemonade Cleanse on day 10. You will experience Positive Mindset, invigoration, and Increased Energy. Your Skin will begin to glow and your body will be refreshed. The built-up stool in your colon which is solid will have been released. Excess weight will drop off your body, as your appetite will have become accustomed to the lemonade mixture.

Your body will continue to dissolve damaged tissue and cells during stage 3. You may experience irritation or pain from old injuries, especially in your legs. Your body is actually continuing the compromised healing process of your previously unhealthy lifestyle. At this stage, canker sores may develop. In detoxification and cleansing, your body has achieved maximum efficiency. You may now continue onto Stage 4 or quit your cleanse and Ease-Out.

Stage 4 (Days 16-30)


You have completed a total detox, if you have made it this far. Your tongue will turn pink again when this process is complete. You will only have rare bouts of mucus and stuffy nose and your organs and lymphatic system will finish the cleansing process. Your body is used to the fasting process at this point, and you will experience beautiful clarity and peace of mind. Your concentration, memory and determination will improve. Remember to not fast for too long. When your detox process is finalized, your body, especially the sign of a healthy pink tongue, will let you know.

Stage 5 (Breaking the Fast)

During which time you will perform the 3 Day Ease-Out process and break the fast, you may jump from Stage 3 or 4 into Stage 5. To keep off the weight, you may want to consider an improved Post-Cleanse Lifestyle. You may experience diarrhea or constipation as your digestive system kicks back into action, when you begin to eat solid foods again. To lessen any discomfort, it’s important to follow the ease-out steps during this time.

Your Stage 5 may include a successful elimination of the toxic, slimy, mucus-like coating of the intestinal walls that has accumulated over years of unhealthy eating, if you had successfully completed Stage 4 and gone beyond the 10 day cleanse. This happens usually right after your first solid meal. With a discharge of bile, your gallbladder will also drop its waste. In full body cleansing, this is the ultimate. You will feel exhilarated and renewed, as your intestines and colon will be completely clean.

Side Effects of Detoxing

Your body will be put through a state of fasting in the process of detoxification. Some of these telltale side effects may be experienced by you. You have to remember that the Lemonade Cleanse is not for individuals who give up easily. To achieve excellent results, you must be determined to complete 10 days of liquid fasting.

The side effects listed below are usually benign signs of purging nasty toxins in various ways by your body. They will give you an idea of what to expect. Please refer to My Book, for a full list of side effects and health risks.

Side Effects usually coincide with particular stages of detoxification. Visit the Stages of Detox page, to learn about these stages.

Weakness: As your body adjusts to the fast, weakness and tired muscles will occur the first few days of cleansing. It is important to take it easy and listen to your body. You should not engage in rigorous exercise, especially if you feel dizzy.

Bad Breath: During the lemonade cleanse, bad breath is a very common side effect. It is due to bacterial build up in the mouth which is a sign of detoxification. Simply use mouthwash and brush your teeth often.

Mouth Sores: Because of the buildup of bacteria OR because of the acidity of the lemon juice in the lemonade, mouth sores can occur. To avoid contact with the sores, drink from a straw.

Coated Tongue: A white film of bacteria will be coated on your tongue during cleansing. It is simply the toxins exiting your body. Wait until the coating disappears from your tongue to stop lemonade cleansing, if you want a thorough cleanse.

Mucus: At various points during your cleansing process, yellowish mucus will accumulate in your nose and throat. This does not mean that you are sick. It is simply the breaking up of toxins that have accumulated, and pushing them out of your body by your lungs and lymphatic system.

Oily Skin: The Lemonade Cleanse will force toxins out of your skin in the form of oils at first. You may experience some pimples or even a boil. Don’t worry. The toxins will be eliminated and your skin will glow, by day 10.

Nausea: During the first few days of cleansing, nausea may occur. When you do the Salt Water Flush (SWF) you may also feel queasy.

But remember the excellent benefits you are receiving from the Lemonade Cleanse, although some of these side effects can be annoying and uncomfortable. Anytime you need a burst of determination, review the Healthy Benefits page.

External Cleansing

You might also want to consider cleansing the outside of your body, during your Ease-In, Lemonade Cleansing, and Ease-Out. During this time stretching and gentle exercises are recommended, especially because you should not perform any rigorous or cardiovascular activity during your master cleanse. Skin exfoliation, massages, reflexology, and saunas are highly recommended. At the same time, you will be bettering the outside and inside of your body.

Yoga and Tai Chi

Yoga is not only an exercise, but a way of life. Yogis have practiced ritualistic fasting to reconnect with their body and mind, for thousands of years. As I have experienced, the Lemonade Cleanse reconnects the dieter with their bodily needs as well. Therefore, the two go hand in hand. During your cleansing process, I suggest trying Bikram Yoga (or “hot yoga”). Sweating out toxins by stretching and holding poses in heated rooms is included in this form of yoga. During this time of inner cleansing, you will find that it feels wonderful to release impurities through your skin.

An ancient Chinese martial art, Tai Chi, also involves slow stretching, posing, and reflection. Communication between your thoughts, emotions, mind, and body is very important for us all. Yoga and Tai Chi are perfectly suited for the Master Cleanse diet in my opinion.

If you choose to perform yoga or Tai Chi during your cleansing process, remember to listen to your body. Do not engage in these activities until your ease-out routine or Post-Cleanse Lifestyle, if you feel weak or dizzy in any way.

Pampering and Exfoliation

I highly recommend that you pamper yourself, during your 10 days of lemonade cleansing. The time for that pedicure or special massage you’ve been wanting is now. An excellent way to take your mind off of the uncomfortable feelings and Side Effects is to reward your progress with facial masks, massages, and spa treatments. I always like to incorporate homemade skin exfoliation and treatments into my cleansing routine. In My Book, I have included some of my favorite all-natural skin care recipes. It is important for me to prepare these treatments myself which allows me to control exactly what I am applying to my skin. My homemade recipes are also very affordable. Think of pampering the body and exfoliating the skin as part of the overall cleansing process.

Post-Cleanse Lifestyle

Ask yourself, for what purpose you are doing the Lemonade Cleanse? Are you using this diet as an easy way to lose weight for that upcoming wedding? Are you planning to revitalize your eating habits completely? Are you just overall trying to feel better? In the post-cleanse plans, I have found that users of the Master Cleanse vary greatly.

Some people return back to their old habits of eating immediately. While others use the Lemonade Cleanse to reverse their bad eating habits once and for all. Many others fall right in the middle of these two extremes. There is no right or wrong way, but keep in mind that it requires upkeep on your part to maintain your Weight and remain healthy. It doesn’t hurt to practice Repeat Cleansing once or twice a year as well.

In My Experience

After doing the Master Cleanse, I wanted to change my eating habits. I found it easy to become a vegetarian. It was simply a gradual result of my better feeling and wanting to keep the weight off. I am not advising you to become health nut or to give up meat. That is your choice. However, I’m encouraging you to try to maintain a healthier lifestyle after your cleanse. Please refer to My Book, for a more in-depth consideration of your post-cleanse options and guidelines.

Repeat Cleansing

At least once a year, I try to perform the Lemonade Cleanse. It feels wonderful for me to be relieved of the heavy excess that builds up in my bowels. Even though I am a vegetarian now, it is still quite liberating. Plus, it seems to get easier each time I do it. I have done the Lemonade Cleanse 11 times…so this will be the 5th year of my cleansing process. Since I started, I have kept off about 30 pounds.

Repeat cleansing is a sort of empowering yearly ritual for me. After the holiday season I perform the 10 days, usually in late January or February. It feels good to flush away any excess left behind after the holidays as I eat more in December. The Lemonade Cleanse does not fail to raise my spirits, give me energy, and shed excess fat each time I use it. I lost 11 pounds this year. To have such an unfailing detox formula at my fingertips…literally in my pantry, I’m really thankful.

Frequently Asked Questions

I receive a lot questions regarding the Lemonade Cleanse. A few of the most frequent ones are listed here. Refer to my book, The Refresh Button, for additional FAQs and information’s.

Q. Are the Lemonade Cleanse and the Master Cleanse the same thing? What about the Cayenne Pepper Diet, the Maple Syrup Diet, and the Lemonade Diet?

Yes. These diets are all the same thing. The process involves mainly the drinking of the Lemonade Mixture, so I choose to call it the “Lemonade Cleanse”.

Q. What is different about your Lemonade Cleanse?

The Lemonade Cleanse and The Master Cleanse are the same things, except that I present it using my own experience and guidance. It is a holistic body and mind improvement as well as a weight loss technique and detox in my opinion.

Q. Will I Feel Hungry?

Yes. You will feel some hunger discomfort for the first few days of the Lemonade Cleansing Process. This is normal. Your body is just adjusting to the liquid fast. In the next few days, your hunger should lessen greatly. On the Stages of Detox page, you can see typical progression.

Q. Will I Feel Sick?

During the first few days of the diet, you may feel a bit nauseous and tired. This is normal as well. Your body is adjusting and toxins are starting to be eliminated. You will feel relieved and energized as you persevere onto the next few days.

Q. Do I have to do the Salt Water Flush?

The SWF is highly recommended. The most efficient way to clean your bowels and detox completely is to do the SWF. After performing the SWF, I find that it makes me feel light and “squeaky-clean” throughout the rest of the day. If you must skip it, there are alternatives, which can be found on the SWF Alternatives page.

Q. Can I Take the Herbal Laxative Tea and the SWF Together?

No. The SWF is performed best as the first thing in the morning. The Herbal Laxative Tea must be taken before bed. If you must, you can switch this order.

Q. Can I take Prescription Drugs while on the Cleanse?

If you must, you should continue taking prescription drugs. You should not do this cleanse, if you have an illness which requires constant prescriptions or a solid food diet. Consult with your doctor.

Q. Can I take Vitamins and Supplements while on the Cleanse?

Do so if you must take a supplement. However, try to make sure that it is as natural as possible and also make sure there are no fillers or preservatives. Consult with your doctor.

Q. Are All Nutrients Provided in the Lemonade?

Yes. For the time you are cleansing, the Lemonade Mixture is rich with the vitamins you will need to continue functioning normally.

Q. Is there any “Cheating” allowed during Lemonade Cleansing ?

To add more maple syrup than usual to your lemonade is the only “cheating” advised. If you need to, you can also drink decaffeinated herbal tea throughout the day. Never forget to drink lots of water.

Q. How Much Weight Can I Expect to Lose?

No. For every day you are lemonade cleansing, expect to lose only 1-2 pounds.

Q. How Long Should I Stay on the Lemonade Cleanse?

A good time frame is 7-12 days. Listen to your body and see how long you can go for, if you would like to do more. The suggested goal is always 10 days.